Trisha’s Story

Trisha’s Story

Trisha and her husband emigrated from Eritrea in 2005. Within a few months of arriving in the United States, Trisha became pregnant. Trisha knew her life would be full of changes, however, she never expected her loving relationship with her husband to turn abusive. With no one to reach out to, Trisha withstood the abuse for months, fleeing from her husband soon after their son was born.

Initially, Trisha fled to a domestic violence shelter, but within days, found herself at Carpenter’s doorstep where she stayed for the next 8 months. While at Carpenter’s Shelter, Trisha searched for a job during the day and worked on improving her English at night. Within a few weeks, Trisha began working at a local hotel as a house keeper but dreamed of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse. After moving out of the Shelter and into stable housing, Trisha continued to attend Aftercare workshops and never missed a Mom’s Night Out event.

Still set on becoming an LPN, Trisha was awarded a scholarship from our Education Fund which helped turn her dream of becoming a nurse a reality. Today, Trisha is a certified home care provider for the City of Alexandria but more importantly, she and her son have just purchased their first home! Trisha was able to save over $2,000 and with a double match grant from the Virginia Individual Development Account program, they were able to afford the closing costs.

Even though Trisha is successfully living outside of the shelter, she continues to utilize Carpenter’s tutoring program, diligently working toward improving her English.
Success stories like Trisha’s are what make Carpenter’s Shelter unique. We do more than provide temporary shelter. Our relationships with our clients do not end when they leave our direct care. Carpenter’s is committed to the success of each and every resident, continuously working from the moment they walk through our doors until they feel they feel comfortable no longer receiving our services. Trisha is just one of many residents who have achieved independence.